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my countrys talcum powder enterprises are gradually moving towards green production channels

2020-07-10 14:04:27

As we all know, talc is an indispensable raw material for coatings. In the coating, talc is used as a filler, which can act as a skeleton, reduce manufacturing costs increase the hardness of the paint film. In recent years, the talc powder market is experiencing a far more severe market winter than in 2008. In 2013, China's talc powder was experiencing a severe decline in China's talc powder in the past 30 years. 12 consecutive years of price increases, especially the past 5 years of continuous 10% growth rate has ended. China's talc powder is turning an overall short supply to an oversupply. What is different the 2008 financial crisis is that this time only the demand in the international market has shrunk, but the bigger problem is that domestic consumption has shrunk significantly. Talc manufacturer


an environmental protection point of view, the reduction in the amount of talcum powder also reduces environmental pollution problems, which may be a bad thing. So as to promote the enterprises to move towards green production channels. Talcum powder enterprises began to attach importance to environmental protection technology, focusing on casting smoke dust treatment, sewage purification, waste sand waste residue utilization, developed a variety of environmental protection equipment.

According to relevant manufacturers, it is imperative to pay close attention to the technological transformation of talc powder manufacturers strive to improve the quality of talc powder. The production of high-performance high-quality talcum powder is a top priority. At the same time, we should vigorously publicize promote energy conservation, green production, clean production. This is only necessary for enterprises to save energy, reduce consumption, improve product quality, reduce pollution, reduce costs, improve efficiency, but also an important way to break through the green barriers set by industrialized countries firmly occupy the international market.

In addition, forward-thinking entrepreneurs actively spend huge sums of money on clean production technological transformation development of "green" foundry products, the implementation of international corporate standards, which is enough to improve the quality of talcum powder. The promotion of green production is the future development trend of talcum powder industry.



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