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The demand for magnesium oxide is driven, the development path is getting wider wider

2020-07-10 14:31:09

The strong domestic demand release huge capacity gap in recent years are important reasons for being widely optimistic. Chemical product technology is one of the three key technologies in the 21st century. It is an important material foundation for the development of high-tech information, aerospace, energy, biology. It has become the source of global economic growth the focus of countries to enhance their core competitiveness. Talc Masterbatch

Magnesium oxide is a broad category of chemical products, including new functional polymers, composite materials, new varieties of high-performance general-purpose plastics, degradable plastics, ultra-fine powders, high-performance inorganic materials, precision ceramics, liquid crystals. , Biochemical materials, special coatings, nano materials, etc. Compared with traditional chemical materials, they have superior performance special functions, play an important role in the national economy, especially in high-tech fields cutting-edge technologies.


Relevant data show that the current market size of chemical products in my country has exceeded 200 billion yuan. Experts predict that by 2008, my country's chemical product industry may form a large market of about 300 billion yuan, by 2010, my country's chemical product market will reach 650 billion yuan. Almost a third of this will belong to magnesium oxide. Especially for products such as MDI organic silicon, the demand growth rate in recent years is more than twice the GDP growth rate, there is a large demand gap in the market.

For a long time, chemical products their raw materials have a high degree of dependence on foreign countries, some high-end products even rely entirely on imports. In recent years, domestic leading companies have formed processes technologies with independent intellectual property rights through continuous R&D innovation. Such a huge market has made all regions start planning magnesium oxide projects. It gradually has cost scale advantages, the prospect of import substitution is broad.



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