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2020-07-10 15:12:41

The 33rd China International Plastics Rubber Industry Exhibition (CHINAPLAS 2019) Talc powder manufacturer

CHINAPLAS 2019 International Plastics Rubber Exhibition

√ 250,000+ square meters exhibition area

√ Estimated 180,000+ visitors 150+ countries regions

√ 3,400+ domestic foreign exhibitors

√ 3,800+ machinery exhibits

√ 13 countries regions pavilions, including Austria, Canada, France, Germany, Iran, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States, China, Taiwan

Provide rubber plastic solutions, global events should be missed!


Under the fierce competition in the global market, Chinaplas has continued to achieve good results constantly refresh its own records. This is all because Chinaplas understands the needs of buyers provides only a business platform, but a platform integrating procurement, research development, technical exchanges business negotiations.

CHINAPLAS 2019 will take "Innovation to Plastic the Future" as the theme of the exhibition. Through product displays, forums seminars, global rubber plastic machinery, materials solutions will be brought to the audience. The exhibition focuses on high-tech industry development trends, comprehensively covers all terminal industries including electronic information electrical appliances, automobiles, packaging, construction, medical other different application industries.

Focus on new trends in plastics rubber

Intelligent manufacturing: new sensor technology; additive manufacturing; precision automated molding equipment; product integration, such as multi-color station injection molding machines; intelligent production systems, such as fully automated production in a dust-free workshop;

High-tech materials: high/low temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, high pressure resistance; easy to clean, sterilization technology; sweat resistance, UV resistance, skin-friendly texture, anti-sensitivity characteristics; noise reduction, sound absorption, shock absorption materials; thin wall, light Quantify

Environmental protection technology: reduce processes shorten the molding cycle; spray-free; low-VOCs materials; bio-based, degradable plastics, recycling technology;

The 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China product exhibition area, all the machinery, materials technical solutions for the rubber plastic industry

Machinery exhibits: injection molding machinery zone, extrusion machinery zone, plastic packaging machinery zone, film technology zone, rubber machinery zone, intelligent equipment zone, 3D technology zone, auxiliary equipment testing equipment zone, mold processing equipment zone, recycling technology zone , China Export Machinery Raw Materials Zone

Raw material display: chemical raw materials area, additives area, bioplastics area, pigment masterbatch area, composite special materials area, semi-manufactured products area, thermoplastic elastomer rubber area.



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