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The clever use of talcum powder in daily life

2020-07-10 13:46:20

Talc is often used in the construction industry, but the clever use in life has brought us many uses.

1: After the rain, the car door seal may stick to the paint surface due to moisture, causing the door to open smoothly. At this time, you can sprinkle a handful of talcum powder on the rubber seam inside the door, the symptoms will disappear immediately. Talc Masterbatch


2: In addition, it has astringent, cleansing, oil-controlling beauty effects. It can be used for external use to treat prickly heat, eczema, eczema, etc. It can also be mixed with other traditional Chinese medicine powder applied to the face. It is suitable for oily skin oil secretion in summer. many.

3: Smooth texture, inactive chemical properties, adding to paper can improve the evenness, smoothness, gloss ink absorption of the paper, improve the printing writing properties of the paper

4: It also has the medicinal effects of diuresis leaching, relieving heat, removing dampness soreness. It is used for hot showers, stone showers, urinary heat pain, summer polydipsia, damp hot water diarrhea; external treatment of eczema, eczema, Symptoms such as prickly heat. Nature flavor are sweet, light, cold, belong to the bladder, lung stomach meridians. It is also used to remove stains clean utensils.



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