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Indications of talcum powder

2020-07-10 13:52:40

Talc is a white off-white, fine, non-sandy powder with a greasy feel to the hand. Odorless tasteless. This product is insoluble in water, dilute mineral acid dilute alkali hydroxide solution. Can be used for medicinal purposes. This topic introduces you to the hazards of talcum powder, the composition of talcum powder, the role of talcum powder other related information. Talc manufacturer


Talcum powder can clear away heat, penetrate dampness, improve the orifice. Cure polydipsia summer heat, difficulty in urination, watery diarrhea, heat dysentery, gonorrhea, jaundice, edema, bleeding, athlete's foot, wet skin.

① "Ben Sutra": Main body heat vents, female breast trouble, closure, facilitates urination, accumulates cold heat in the stomach, nourishes vital energy.

② "Do record": to pass through the nine orifices six fu organs body fluid, to leave the knot, quench thirst, it is beneficial.

③ "Medicinal Properties": It can treat Wulin, mainly dystocia, except irritability irritability, but mainly Shilin.

④ "Rihuazi Materia Medica": talcum powder to treat breast carbuncle, lijin liquid.

⑤ "Materia Medica Yanyi Supplement": the essential medicine for drying dampness, dividing water channels, strengthening the large intestine, dissolving food poison, stagnation, dispelling blood clotting, relieving thirst, replenishing the spleen stomach, reducing heart fire.

⑥ "Compendium": treatment of jaundice, edema, athlete's foot, hematemesis, bleeding, golden sores, swelling toxins.

⑦"Tongxuan Materia Medica": Eliminate heat by benefiting the eyes, clearing the three-burner, cooling Liufu, dissipating heat.

⑧ "Materia Medica Renewal": clearing fire eliminating phlegm, eliminating dampness heat, clearing menstruation promoting blood circulation, stopping diarrhea, dysentery vomiting, eliminating edema fire poison.



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