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Some functions of industrial magnesium oxide

2020-07-10 14:32:57

For some functions of industrial magnesium oxide, the special magnesium oxide mesh for friction materials has ten points that need to be mentioned here. Therefore, if you look at the following explanations, you may understand more:

1. Magnesium oxide for adhesives: Used in high-end adhesives, it has many advantages such as high iodine absorption, good dispersibility, low iron content. Combining with resin can effectively prevent glue layering precipitation, improve the transparency of glue Heat resistance, improve the storage stability of glue. Talc Factory


2. Feed-grade magnesium oxide: It is used as an additive in animal feed to prevent animal feed nervous system diseases caused by magnesium deficiency.

3. Magnesium oxide for cable rubber: used in rubber-sheathed cables, mining cables, marine cables other industries to improve the performance of the cable against corrosion, acid, high temperature, improve the working stability under harsh conditions.

4. Magnesium oxide for brake pads: Mainly used for wear-resistant materials, high-temperature flame retardants, improved material stability.

5. Activated magnesium oxide: mainly used in medical rubber products, adhesives other industries.

6. Magnesium oxide for concentrated nitric acid: used for the purification of dilute nitric acid to produce concentrated nitric acid, which mainly plays a role in absorbing water in the production process.

7. Magnesium oxide for other special industries: such as reagent grade.

8. Pharmaceutical grade magnesium oxide: used in pharmaceutical intermediates gastric medicine additives, which can effectively control gastric acid duodenal ulcers.

9. High-purity magnesia: mainly used for high-temperature operations, steelmaking furnace lining export in the steel industry.

10. Lightweight magnesium oxide: mainly used in rubber, electronic ceramics, adhesives many other industries, with a wide range of applications.



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