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Functional advantages of pp flame retardant masterbatch

2020-07-10 15:16:35

Functional PP flame retardant masterbatch is also called flame retardant masterbatch for modified plastic factory. The following advantages of using functional flame-retardant masterbatch in the modification plant: talcum powder manufacturer

Functional advantages of pp flame retardant masterbatch


1. Reduce costs

With the development of science technology, with the continuous development of carrier plastics equipment, the sale of pp flame retardant masterbatch, high concentration, high dispersion, high compatibility becomes possible. PP flame retardant masterbatch a few carriers are no longer flame retardant. The main reason for the influence of the agent is to complete the equivalent exchange of the flame-retardant masterbatch the flame-retardant masterbatch, the ideal state of the flame retardant effect, improve the flame retardant efficiency.

Because the feed rate of the flame-retardant masterbatch is more smooth than that of the powder, the bonding material is easier to plasticize mix uniformly on the screw. For pp flame-retardant masterbatch manufacturers, friction is reduced, the screw speed can be appropriately increased, the production capacity can be increased by more than 30%.

Since the flame-retardant masterbatch itself is completely plasticized at low temperature, the dispersion between the materials after re-plasticization will be better, the performance, gloss surface of the material will be improved accordingly.

2. Endothermic effect

Any heat released by combustion will be limited in a short time. If a part of the heat emitted by the fire source is absorbed in a short time, the flame temperature will decrease, the amount of heat that decomposes the combustible molecules radiated to the combustion surface vaporized into free radicals will decrease, the combustion reaction will be suppressed to some extent.

At high temperatures, the flame retardant has a strong endothermic reaction, absorbing the heat released by combustion, processing pp flame retardant masterbatch, reducing the surface temperature of combustible gas, effectively inhibiting the formation of combustible gas, preventing combustion spreading.

3. Covering

After adding flame retardant to combustible materials, it can form glass stable foam covering layer at high temperature. The flame retardant can isolate oxygen, have the functions of heat insulation, oxygen isolation, prevention of flammable gas leakage.

If organic anti-phosphorus flame retardants are heated, they can produce more stable cross-linked solid materials carbonized layers. On the other hand, the formation of the carbonized layer can only prevent the further thermal decomposition of the polymer, but also prevent the biomass decomposing into the gas phase participating in the combustion process.



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